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Lake Okeechobee fishing report for April, 2024 submitted by Capt. Angie Douthit

Bass and crappie fishing has been on fire with record number big bass, quantity of bass and crappie limits being caught despite the spawn coming to a close until next November. The bluegill are spawning now and April and May is a great time to fish for them. Typically when fishing for bream, my customers will use a 7 ft ultra-light spinning rig, with 4 lb mono line, small split shot weight and bobber tipped with either a cricket or red wriggler worm. Fishing for bream provides a lot of fun, fast action and great tug on the line which is great for the little Anglers. so if you haven’t had the chance to fish the big O for our two-handed size bluegill now is the time to call and book your trip. I can accommodate 3 people when bream fishing. Areas to try when bass and bream fishing have been some areas on the Shoal; Monkey box and Dupree bar; around Dyess ditch; parts of Horse Island; North end of Tin House; 2nd point; parts of Kings bar and Grassy. If your fishing the east side try areas around Nub N Slough; Hendry Creek and around J & S back in. Bass lures to consider are: worms; swim baits/swim jigs; shallow jerk baits (hard/soft); some top water; flipping/pitching (isolated cover); shallow crank baits. Color schemes are shad; bluegill; crawdad and tilapia and live crickets/worms when pan fishing. If you’re launching at the Indian Praire boat ramp use extra caution when loading/unloading your boat, there is no place to safely to get in/out of your boat. I am hopeful that Glades County will step up and fix the much needed ramp? The other three boat ramps used on the west/north sides are in great shape which is Harney Pond canal located in Lakeport; Scott Driver Park and the old Okeetantie campground, which will soon undergoe a major change to a Bass Pro Campground and Resort. To book your next exciting and fun day fishing Okeechobee call 863-228-7263 or log onto where you can find more trip information, customer reviews, pics, rates and etc. A big thank you to my sponsors: Toho Marine; Mercury; BnM Poles; Real Magic; Lews; Bullet Weights; Gene Larew; Pradco Brands; Mid-South Tackle; Maui Jim; Gill and Rapala.












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