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May, 2023 submitted Lake Okeechobee fishing report for by Capt. Angie Douthit

Lake Okeechobee’s water level is just over 14 ft. As the next few months approach the Corp of Engineers will continue to pull water from the lake discharging it into the St. Lucie canal and Caloosahatchee River systems, not surprised if the level of the big O is lowered to 12 ft which is great for new, emergent vegetation but not so good for boaters especially those who are unfamiliar with the lake. The main crappie spawn is over but you can still catch them very early in the mornings around bridge pilings, deeper water areas and along structure within the Kissimmee River and Canals. You can use small minnows or a round jig head tipped with your favorite plastic lure, two main colors that work basically year round is white and chartreuse, some pinks and green shades will produce bites as well. The bream are on the beds and will continue to spawn in the shallows all summer long especially around the new/full moon phase. To catch bream you can use live crickets or small red worms, people use both but it’s personal preference. Areas that bream are being caught are Harney Pond canal and some surrounding close areas; spotty areas within the Monkey Box and Observation Shoal; Dyess Ditch; Indian Praire; parts of Tin House; 1st – 4th point; some areas lined along the Kissimmee River; Hendry Creek and a few areas close to the J & S lock area. The bass bite is going well with both live wild golden shiners and artificial lures. For the lure bite a popping frog and swim bait have been working really well as the bass feed in the shallows on the spawning bream. Other lures to use are worms; top water; toads and rattle traps and spinner baits out on the main lake grass edges as the bass feed on schools of shad. Plastic lure choices can be: Junebug; Redbug; Black/Blue; White; Tilapia; Cichlid; Green Pumpkin and Watermelon Red. Areas to catch bass can be basically the same areas mentioned above for the bream and crappie bite. I will be available to take guide trips all summer long and offer a discounted rate such as a 4 hour live bait trip for two people for $300.00 which includes 2 doz shiners, I also offer discounted rates for one-person trips and current Military. I can accommodate group trips and offer the latest tips you can apply to fishing your home body of water. For more trip information go to or call me at 863-228-7263. I always return calls in a very timely manner. Thank you to all my Sponsors: Toho Marine (St. Cloud, Florida); Mercury Marine; BnM Poles; Bullet Weights; Lews; Real Magic; Mid South Tackle; Pradco Brands; Gill; Maui Jim; G-Loomis; Gene Larew and Caymas boats.








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